Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sassy Sweet: Halloween Black Cats

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Toll House was doing a Halloween contest this week.  I didn't get into the "top 10" another black cat did.  However, John and I loved making ours.  I didn't use Toll House refrigerated dough, I just make some cookie dough.  That recipe is coming, I promise.  It's such a good recipe, it just NEEDS its own post! 

I was never the arts and crafts girl in our family, that was always K.  However, I guess I'm learning!  The cats were quick and easy to make + fun for the whole family.  Now you also know why I have so much candy lying around the house! 

Ha!  Aren't they cute?  John really got into it after I was done and had a ball making his own creations with my "leftovers".  They would be really easy for kids to do too once you iced them.  You could use whatever kind of "icing" you wanted, including just plain chocolate frosting.  

Halloween Black Cats
Servings:  6

12 balls of cookie dough
1/3 cup of chocolate chips (or other frosting)
36 M&Ms (12 red, 24 matching colors)
4 Twizzler Pull 'N Peel
48 candy corn (for ears and feet)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.  Place the balls of cookie dough in a mini muffin tin and bake for 12 minutes (until golden brown).  Let cool.  Once cool, remove from the tin.  Then, melt chocolate chips for 30 seconds until softened (or use a spreadable frosting).  Spread over the tops of each mini muffin.  Add M&Ms for eyes.  Use Pull 'N Peel and break apart into tiny strands for whiskers.  Top with a red M&M.  Last, add candy corn upside down for feet, and rightside up for ears!  I used some leftover melted chocolate as "eyeballs".

Feel free to decorate this anyway you want!  I think that's half the fun.  Plus, you can make these into whatever kind of creatures you want to!  I am all about using up candy so it doesnt sit in the house.  John couldn't wait to try one too.  When I left the kitchen to check the pictures on my computer, he told me to come back because one had been eaten by a bobcat.
The bobcat was John.

Finishing up my Halloween week on Friday--see you then!

Until the next time my oven is on...


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