Monday, October 25, 2010

Time-Out: Halloween Bark

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I have been on a dessert kick lately!  Not sure exactly why but I think it mainly has to do with Halloween, and the amount of candy I have in the apartment.  I don't love candy; in fact, I have about 25 packs of M&Ms and 20 Milky Way bars in my room.  They've been there for the last week and a half and I haven't touched them.

I was hunting around for M's halloween mailing when I came across this treat.  I had never made bark before, much less Halloween Bark, but I was willing to give it a shot!  M LOVES chocolate so I thought this would be perfect.  It would be even more perfect, though, if I wanted to eat it, and with the Butterfingers and Reese's that was in the original recipe, it would not have been my thing.  So, I completely adapted it to my, M, K, and John's favorites! 

I used my favorite candy bar, Milky Way, and M's favorite candy bar, Twix.  For everyone but my bark, I used Reese's Pieces candy because they fit the theme so well--already orange, yellow, and brown!  I only bought one box though--John has finished the leftovers!  I used pretzel pieces instead of peanuts (that was mainly a cost thing) and bought chocolate covered raisins (to be a little healthy!).  Then, I went through about 12 packages of M&Ms to find enough yellow, orange, and brown ones!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the red, blue, and green ones, but watch the blog--I'm sure I'll find something!

Halloween Bark
Servings:  6 (made about 30 pieces)

2-11.5 ounce bittersweet chocolate chips (we used Godiva because there were no other bittersweet chips at the store)
2 large Twix bars
4-6 "fun-sized" Milky Way bars
1 cup of chopped pretzel pieces
1/2 cup of chocolate covered raisins
1/4 cup of Reese's Pieces
1/4 cup of M&Ms (Yellow, Orange, and Brown only)

NOTE:  This is completely my choice of toppings, feel free to make your own.  I wanted to do an all-chocolate and candy corn one but I hate candy corn and couldn't find anyone to eat that :( so sad. 

Line a 9x13 pan and a 9x9 pan with tin foil.  Chop bars into irregular shapes.  In a double boiler melt the chocolate chips until smooth liquid.  Pour chocolate into each pan, smoothing out to be 1/4 inch thick.  Sprinkle the Twix, Milky Way, pretzels, and raisins around each pan.  Then, add the Reese's Pieces and M&Ms until chocolate is well-covered.  Make sure that each piece is touching bittersweet chocolate so it sticks.  Put in the fridge for about 30 minutes, until hardened.  Then, using the tin foil, take the bark out of the pan and lay it on the table.  Remove the tin foil and chop the bark into small pieces.  (We used a rolling pin; well, I used a rolling pan; John used his hands.  I tried to use my hands, but it hurt!). 

And thats it!  We've been storing it in the freezer because M's shipment goes out on Monday!  I'd store it in the fridge if you want to eat it.  One more thing, I find it very difficult to tell if my chocolate is 1/4 of an inch thick.  That's why when you look above, its clear that some parts were not even.  But, its supposed to be fun!  Plus, if you melt the chocolate, your kids could easily decorate with their favorite leftover halloween candy! 

More fun Halloween is coming on Wednesday!

Until the next time my oven is on...

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