Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time-Out: POM Wonderful Whiskey Shooters

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Anyone who knows me well knows that my choice of drink is whiskey.  I agree, it's a little unusual for a girl; but, I'm a little unusual too so it works out.  Someone once told me that their dad warned them to never cross a whiskey girl.  I think that's pretty true, too.  We're a tough group.  Anyway, for the 21 and over crowd at my party, I served a multitude of drinks--most of them, you've probably seen 100 times--POM Margaritas (tequila comes a close second to whiskey for me) and POM Martinis (for my grandmother--she loves her martinis!).  I also made a POM "punch" without alcohol for the kiddies.  A little lemon-lime soda, POM juice, and the arils.  It was beautiful looking.  Plus, everyone got to drink out of my great grandmother's red cocktail glasses.  This kept it in the festive mood. 

I think the coolest thing I found out was that the arils float in lots of soda.  John and I tried out a variety of drink options before serving them to our guests.  However, in the small little glasses, my arils sunk.  But, I loved that they were the last thing you tasted!  Even those of us who dislike whiskey (ahem, John), enjoyed the shooters and they were fun to serve.  I made a whole bunch and put them on a few wooden cutting boards.  It made an elegant presentation for sure!  And then people could grab and go!
POM Wonderful Whiskey Shooters
Serves: 8

1 cup diet cola
4 shots of whiskey (we use Jack Daniels)
1 cup POM Wonderful Juice
1/4 cup of arils (pomegranate seed packs)

Pour a half shot of whiskey into each glass.  Combine diet soda and POM Wonderful juice.  Top each shooter with the diet soda / POM combination.  Sprinkle arils on top for a festive presentation.

So easy.  So delicious.  I'm not going to lie, I recreated this in a big glass and it is just as good as the mini shooters were. 

I hope this is inspiring you to get creative with pomegranates.  There are so many more recipes I want to try out...stay tuned for one of my easiest recipes of the party.
Until the next time my oven is on...


  1. I like this post because I too like to get my drink on, I have expensive taste when it comes to gettin down in this past time. Here's one to try, Chill Patron Silver and shot glasses for an hr. Fill shot glass halfway with pom seeds and top with Patron... shoot and chew.

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