Friday, July 1, 2011

Field Trip: Washington, D.C.

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As you all know from Monday's post, we had a great time in DC this past weekend.  This coming weekend is another whirlwind adventure as I head home to attend my cousin's first birthday party!  It's a wonderful three day weekend, and I really can't wait to spend it with my family and friends.  I know Fourth of July is Monday and I have a patriotic treat coming to you tomorrow, so look for that! 

For now, though, I really want to focus on the food in DC.  I researched food for the trip knowing that I was going to come back and put it on the blog.  It was on a whim that I did it for Miami, but I am really enjoying it and (since I never go anywhere), wanted to celebrate and share!  What I found while reading up on the places we should eat at, was that DC has a hugely diverse, yet excellent, array of food choices.  From delicious Mexican, to delicious American, to delicious sushi, every cuisine seemed to be not only represented, but at the top of its game in the capitol city.

If you ever need advice on where to eat in Washington DC, start with the ethnic foods you've been dying to try.  The first night we were there, I knew we'd want something hearty.  We spent all day walking for goodness sakes, and we had a big day ahead of us on Saturday. 

So, we hit one of our favorite types of restaurants--Brazilian Steakhouses!  Trust me, if you love meat, and have never been to one, you are really missing out!  All the meat is on these huge turning rotisseries and they bring a stick of meat to the table to you.  They tell you what it is and if you want some, they cut you off a hunk.  The meat cooks all day and is literally melting in your mouth.  Yum.  Fogo de Chao was just steps away from the monuments with a deliciously fresh salad bar and even better meats.  I probably ate 5 pounds of meat.  Not so good considering I had to barbeque the whole next day!

The last night for dinner, we were exhausted though from the cooking to the hot DC weather and then we walked to Lincoln's Memorial.  We estimated that we probably walked about 3 miles and stood up for 6-8 hours.  Neither of us are used to doing that so when we found The Laughing Man Tavern, we stopped immediately.  Great prices (and great weekday specials) and not too far from the monuments made this a must-try (rather than the many overpriced pubs on Pennsylvania Avenue).  We both also had some much needed beverages :) also, sorry for the lack of pictures, but after the excitement of the day, my camera was in the hotel room!

We got breakfast with the hotel everyday which was good for us since we often ate and then dashed to do something else.  At the Safeway BBQ festival, like I said Monday, John and I ate from some of the best BBQ teams stands in the country.  And after tasting them, I saw why!  Wow!  Two of our favorites was Stubbs with their pulled brisket, Famous Dave's chopped pork sandwich, and Johnsonville Brats which they cooked on this huge grill:
I'm already thinking about where our travels will take us next...there is just so much food left to explore!

Until the next time my oven is on...


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