Friday, August 12, 2011

Fancy Pants App: Paprika Shrimp Quesadillas

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It's a fishy week!  And, yes, ANOTHER Rachael Ray August magazine recipe.  Page 114 for anyone who is following along with my "cook the magazine" lately.  The funniest thing is, I was complaining to my mom over the winter how many ingredients Rachael Ray's recipes have, and how unlikely I am to make them (without major adjustments). 

This is a constant problem for me--in cooking contests, there are some contests where the winner's ingredient lists seems like a page long!  I've never been good at mixing a lot of layers together.  I like fast, easy, delicious.  So of course, the same month in which I need to renew my Rachael Ray magazine, comes a gluttony of delicious recipes that not only look great, but, I actually made.  Jeez, if you have a short-term memory like me, well, you renew for another year!  Looks like Rachael Ray won't be leaving my kitchen anytime soon.

These quesadillas are a great barbeque food.  In fact, John and I planned to go out to dinner downtown last night, but John has had a really awful summer cold.  I didn't want to have a date night out on the town if he wasn't feeling good.  I'd rather wait for a night that we can both fully enjoy it.  So, we had a bunch of little appetizers I made with the bits and ends in our fridge.  Sometimes, these are our favorite nights--a couple glasses of wine (me), a few beers (John), and a bunch of finger-foods.  It's a relaxing way to spend a Saturday night. 
Paprika Shrimp Quesadillas (adapted from Rachael Ray August 2011 Magazine)
Serves:  4-6 (4 quesadillas)
24 pre-cooked shrimp (31-40 count)
2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 teaspoons pepper
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons lime juice
4 tortillas
1 tablespoons fresh cilantro, julienned
1 avocado, should still be firm
1 plum tomato
1/4 cup diced red onion
2 cups shredded mexican blend cheese (Rachael suggests Monterey Jack)

Preheat the grill to medium-heat (or an indoor grill or a panini press).  Remove the shrimp tails.  Chop the shrimp into small bite-sized pieces and place in a large mixing bowl.  Add spices to mixing bowl with lime juice and toss well.   Arrange the shrimp evenly over half of the four tortillas (split each tortilla in half in your mind.  Cover one half of each with the ingredients, then, it is easy to fold it over and grill).  Top each with cilantro.  Dice the avocado and plum tomato and with the red onion, sprinkle them evenly over the tops.  Next, add the cheese (it should lightly cover all of the ingredients).  Fold the tortilla over; we used an indoor grill.  Because the quesadillas were getting cooked on both sides at the same time, the mixture flattened out.  Make sure if you use a grill like this you leave room at the edges of the quesadilla for the ingredients to spread out (without falling out!).  Serve with a dollop of lime-sour cream. 

I mixed 1 tablespoon of lime juice into 1/4 cup of sour cream.  It was delicious (and not in the original recipe, but do it; you won't regret it!).

Quick notes to Rachael's original recipe--we added the red onion, cheese choice, and mixed around the spices (she used onion powder as well but I didn't have any).  We also used raw shrimp, like Rachael suggested, but it seems unnecessary.  She just grilled them on skewers (we did too).  I like using already cooked shrimp--makes it easy, fast, and then the shrimp aren't cooked twice.  Plus, it just saves time.
We finished up the night watching the movie "Hall Pass".  We picked it because John has had to sit through a few girly movies lately.  But, it was hysterical; a little crude, but hilarious.  We could not stop laughing.  A good end to a nice Saturday night. 

Until the next time my oven is on...


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