Thursday, November 15, 2012

Foods from Chile

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Before we begin...I still have a GREAT giveaway going on now...please take a second and hop on over to enter! 

By now you know how I get myself into some crazy situations right?  Well nothing more crazy than what I'm doing tonight!!!  As many of you know, I have made many wonderful friends from contest cooking...with Karen at Savoury Table and Laurie at Inspired Cooking just to name two.

Well one such wonderful contester is also a star blogger in her own right, Lisa over at Snappy Gourmet.  Besides being a blogger, she is a mom, and the type of woman that you know you could just sit down with over a few glasses (or, bottles) and know you're in for a real treat...

When she told me about the Foods from Chile dinner I immediately wanted to know how I could go.  When she told me that they were in need of one more hostess, I was like, "where do I sign".  So, Sunday (yes, only 4 days ago), she sent me to the Hungry Goddess who told me the scoop.  They are having 10 blogger dinners across the country...find out about all the other parties going on here! the last minute, they needed a NYC blogger to host one more. 

Since then I have learned Chile is the #2 exporter in the WORLD for salmon and a number of other delicious products.  The best part?  Berries, avocados, and all my favorite summer foods are #nowinseason in Chile...while we're in the winter!  They are committed to being organic, reducing their carbon emissions, and getting the consumers the best most delicious products possible in order to aid our berry cravings!  Check out the awesome menu we're having on the left!

Some fun facts about Chile
- Capital: Santiago
- Currency:  Chilean Peso
- Flag:  Same colors as the USA (see above)!
    Do you remember what I said above?!  I get myself into the craziest things.  John went into the shower, all this went down, and next thing you know...John gets out of the shower and I tell him we're having a dinner in our TINY apartment for 15 people we have never met. His face was priceless.  Then we started discussing logistics and realized it was easier all around if we went to my mom's instead.  And she graciously agreed to be my co-host (sort of...she is joking about hiding in the kitchen like the hired help!).

    Regardless, we're in for a great time with Gina from Skinnytaste, Tara from Secrets of a Momaholic, Kristina from the Daily Dish / Better Recipes, and Audrey from Plays with Food!  Oh, and me of course!  Wine, food from Chile, and me!  What more could you want?!


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