Monday, May 5, 2014

The 3-Day Reset by Pooja Mottl Giveaway!

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As you guys know, the love of food makes life a constant struggle when talking about your waistline.  I've been feeling especially down on it lately because I know I just hadn't been eating the way that I want to.  And when that happens, you don't like the way you look or feel either.  Rather than get depressed about it, I decided to take action into my own hands.

I stopped eating lunch at work - even if it was available to me and started bringing my own food.  No more work-sponsored pizza or anything like that.  There are nights where we're at work very late (9 pm or later).  On those nights, work also provides dinner for us.  I've been careful to ask our assistants to provide large salads on top of the normal foods so that I can eat a very large salad and then a chicken kabob or half a turkey sandwich.

Finally, I've really been reducing portion sizes at home.  A little at a time so John doesn't notice.  Well, sometimes he does but on those nights, I cut up some fruit and let him eat that until his heart's content.  So when I was asked to do a review on "The 3-Day Reset" by Pooja Mottl, I signed up immediately.

Pooja Mottl is a trained Natural Foods Chef, Healthy Eating Coach, and Healthy Living Expert.  She's been on Good Morning America and blogs regularly for the Huffington Post.  She is a certified personal trainer, has taught cooking classes at Whole Foods, and advises her private clients on healthy eating.  A resume that I would be all to happy to have in my kitchen!  Connect with Pooja at her website,, and on FacebookTwitter, and  Instagram.

Plus - you can do this reset in only 3 days!  Who doesn't have 3 days to spare with their health?!  I will do a full review when I get through the whole book because I only got it last week!  But, since Pooja is kind enough to give away a book to one of my readers, I wanted to tell you all about it right away!

Giveaway ends May 11th at 11:59 PM, Eastern standard time, and by my computer's time clock.  To enter:

1.  Comment about why you like the book, leave your email address or make sure there is a way to contact you through blogger (1 entry)
2.  Earn an extra entry by liking Pooja on Facebook or The Growing Foodie on Facebook or following Pooja on Twitter or The Growing Foodie on Twitter.  (1 additional entry each - up to 4 total!)


  1. Best of luck on your journey to healthier eating!! I think many of us struggle with it, but when you're faced with company-sponsored pizza, that's quite a challenge :) Thank you for being on the tour!

  2. Isn't it amazing how satisfying the simple things in life are, like beautifully scrambled eggs? Of course it doesn't hurt if they are served at a French sidewalk cafe.

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