Monday, June 2, 2014

Book Review: 3 Day Reset by Pooja Mottl

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If you remember, a few week ago I posted a little teaser that I was given this book by Pooja Mottl called the 3-Day Reset.  It's basic premise is to get you thinking about what you are eating and then using that knowledge to reset your tastebuds over 3 days to more healthy foods.  The resets included in the book are sugar, salt, wheat, chocolate, yogurt, chicken, breakfast, beverages, salads, and take-out. 

For purposes of the review, we did a salt reset and a chocolate reset.  Because we are pretty focused already on eating fresh vegetables and fruits - we never have frozen dinners, processed crackers or cookies, etc. I thought the salt one wasn't going to make a large impact on us.  We stuck very closely to the menu eliminating everything salt from our diet for 3 full days.  If you do this over a time period that you will be at home most of the time, the reset will work for you.

I thought it didn't have much of an impact overall.  But then, I had a small piece of birthday cake a friend made from a cake mix.  I was shocked by the level of salt that was coming through but I seemed to be the only one who felt that way!  I even went so far as to ask others, who looked at me with confusion.

The chocolate reset was a little bit easier to undertake.  For one, chocolate doesn't normally hide itself in dishes you wouldn't expect, the way salt or sugar do.  Plus, we don't eat chocolate all too much.  Surprisingly though, this reset wasn't easy.  Ms. Mottl suggests if you have a sweet craving to eat a teaspoon of honey, which was just gross in my opinion!  Good thing it was only for 3 days but it does make you aware how much chocolate you actually eat in a normal week.  Apparently, I eat it about 2 times a week - usually at work.

Overall, the book works - it gets you thinking about what you put into your body and gives you the historical back-up as to why we need to think about everything that goes into our mouths.  But my major turnoff with the book was that it doesn't live in reality.  Unless you're living above the median income, most families will not be able to put this into practice for very long.

There are absolutely no discussions about the cost to eat the way Pooja Mottl believes you should eat - this includes examples such as "100% sea salt" (bankrupt item #1), "free range whole chickens" (bankrupt item #2), or white sugar alternatives such as "maple sugar crystals, whole dried cane sugar, coconut palm sugar, or date sugar" (bankrupt item #3).  In fact, the sugars Ms. Mottl actively admits are "a bit pricier".  I found dried sugar cane sugar in a local store - 24 ounces for $5.50!!  That's three times what I would pay for 2 pounds of regular sugar. 

Further, she never talks about other less expensive alternatives either.  Even if you have EBT, you can go to the greenmarkets around NYC and use your EBT money to get wholesome fresh foods.  Maybe you don't spend all your money there but you can definitely restart to a healthier life.  Even if you're struggling on a budget, you can find cheap produce centers - we have one here in NYC and Haymarket in Boston was one of my favorites.  They may not be organic fruits and vegetables but fresh fruits and veggies are much better than salted or sugared canned vegetables or apple sauce, etc.

If you find this book in your local library, give it a whirl.  You might find you look at supermarkets a whole lot differently afterwards! 

*Disclaimer:  The book was provided free for my review, all opinions are wholly my own!


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