Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Field Trip: Angry Orchard Innovation House

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John and I's anniversary always sneaks up on us because the middle of September is filled with Jewish holidays (and therefore Sundays in the office), the cabins, fall baking, and general rushing around.  This year, though, has been a rough one for us and I wanted to ensure that we took a day to ourselves and just ENJOYED.
That was about as far as I got until 1 day before we were supposed to leave for our "romantic adventure".  I was lamenting to a few girls in the office about it and one of them suggested Angry Orchard.  Genius!  So I immediately read up online that there were tours you could take at set times during the week and then looked around close by for a place for lunch.  This was going to have to be enough since we were meeting my family for apple picking and our annual sojourn to the cabins later that night.
I didn't tell John where we were going and for ONCE I surprised him (this is so hard to do, by the way, because everything is written on my face).  We had lunch at Woody's Farm to Table Burgers, which I thought John would love because well, he loves burgers.  Plus, they get all of their meat from a little farm in Maine.  Always a positive for John.  The burgers were very tasty and they had all-natural sodas we both liked, too!

Then, it was off to Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House!  We got there just in time for their 2 PM "barrel room tasting tour" where they took us through all of their aging processes, and then into a special room where we tried a limited edition apple cider that was almost like a fine white wine, a little dry but very apple-y and tasty.  However, the tour cost was $10 per person though which I thought was absolutely not worth the money and wouldn't recommend to someone else going (and we probably wouldn't do that again!).  They have a free tour plus a 3-sample tasting that I thought was basically the same except you don't get to try the "limited edition" cider, which for us was Oval Nouveau which we did like and bought a bottle of.

Every person who visits the innovation house gets a 3-sample tasting and luckily, 6 varieties were available to us so we got to try all 6!  The flavors were Crisp Apple, Pear, and Easy Apple, which you can find anywhere.  And then 3 flavors you could only get at the Innovation House including Rose en Sal, Walden Hollow, and Understood in Motion :02.  They were all really tasty.

It was a great afternoon and since Angry Orchard always has events, etc. going on there, I'd recommend anyone in the city making a drive up.  What a fun way to spend a day!

PS - We did not get anything from Angry Orchard from this post; nor do they know about our intention to blog about it :)


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