The Best Infrared Grills of 2023: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Heard about classic grills and charcoal grills? But not yet satisfied with the features they give you. Then you should switch to the best infrared grills. The best thing about top infrared grills is that they help you cook fast. Nobody would like to have a bunch of hungry guests waiting for the food. So the best infrared electric grills will help you out now.



Char-Broil 463370719

  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge for heat monitoring

  • 10,000 BTU lidded side burner ideal for preparation of sauces

  • Three stainless steel top-ported burners for durability

Simple Living Products SLP-SG-001 indoor infrared grill

  • Quickly heats up to a temperature of 446°F

  • Infrared smokeless technology drips off extra oil and grease

  • The product is small and portable which helps in the easy lift

Victory VCT3BSB- LP infrared grill

  • Stainless steel construction promises long-lasting usage

  • Three stainless heat burners can easily emit heat above 700F which helps in fast cooking

  • An extra layer of insulation for consistent temperatures

Blaze premium LTE grill

  • 4 burner system which helps in fast cooking

  • Heat zone operators which helps in cooking food at various temperatures

  • Built in propane gas grill with grill lights and rear infrared burner

The best field where your best infrared grills help you out is when you are handling business. The best infrared electric grills help you cook faster than the classic charcoal grills. Instead of using gas or charcoal for the heating of the food you cook, the best infrared barbecue grills get heated themselves. This produces an enormous amount of heat. This helps you get enough heat to cook your food faster.

Best infrared grills-Buying guide

Factors to look for in your best infrared grills

Undoubtedly, the top infrared grills give you a good amount of heat and let you cook easily. But still, it’s important to check for a few factors beforehand to get the best infrared electric grills for your kitchen. Check out the below-mentioned factors before buying yourself the best infrared barbecue grills.

  1. Quick heating: This is the most important factor to check out before you try buying yourself the best-infrared grills. The infrared grills usually take 2 to 6 minutes to heat. You always need to keep an assessment of how much time is your infrared grill taking.
  2. Should retain moisture: Since no hot air is required to heat your food, the moisture content retains in your food. The best infrared grills, help retain the moisture in your food which makes it more delicious. This is also an important feature to check for.
  3. Less gas usage: The infrared grills have more fuel efficiency than traditional ones. Fuel usage is itself an important factor to check for.
  4. Portable or not: If you are someone who would love a food party in your backyard, you must go for the best portable infrared grills. This would help you take it outdoors easily. Portable infrared grills are also advised over non-portable ones.
  5. Quantity of burners: The more burners you have, the more easily and fast your food will get ready. This won’t let your guest be hungry for much time. If you are buying the best portable infrared grills, also check for the number of burners it has.

Best infrared grills Reviews

The advantages of using the best infrared grills

As previously discussed, infrared grills use radiant energy to distribute heat. This helps you cook faster as the heat distribution is accurate. Also, the best infrared grills do not depend on air to circulate heat. They also come with a self-cleaning feature. You need to increase the heat, and the food residues will vaporize soon. This is a great feature that infrared grills provide you with. In short, they help you with fast grilling with fewer fare ups and accurate heat distribution.

Product description

Here’s the guide to the four best infrared grills you can buy for your food preparation. Read about their basic features, pros, and cons, and select which one to buy for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you buy the best infrared grills under $500 or the best infrared grills under 300; it’s important to read out the features once to know more about them. The best infrared grills under 1000 appear a bit costly to some, but if your budget allows you to extend to it, they also come with the best features.

1. Char-Broil 463370719 –  best infrared grills under $500

Char-Broil 463370719

It is the best infrared grills under $500. It is durable and provides the feature of even heat distribution. This helps you cook the perfect food for your barbecue parties.

Description :

Brand: Char-Broil

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Stainless steel

Item dimensions: 53 × 24 × 45 inches

Item weight: 85 pounds

Performance: It is easy to clean and is strong enough. Once you decide to buy this, you won’t regret buying it. Buying it is value for money, and it is also easy to assemble.

Comparison: The cooking grates are porcelain coated. This makes it resistant to rust. The cooking grates are extremely durable and last longer than other infrared cooking grates. It uses TRU – infrared cooking technology.

Usage: If you want your grilled food to be juicer, this grill will help you greatly. The usage is quite simple, as with other infrared grills. It has reliable electronic ignition. This also brings the feature of a push-to-start which makes its usage


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Prevent flare-ups


  • Grill holes get clogged
  • Grills holes difficult to clean
  • Propane tank not included

What’s new?

The electronic ignition systems offer a fast and reliable startup. This requires a push of a button from your end. The exclusion of stainless steel design gives a modern look.

Why you should buy it?

It comes with a three-burner system. The stainless steel burners make it long-lasting and also easy to keep clean. You get precise control over the temperature. It also gives you a wide temperature range to choose the optimal one for yourself. After all, it’s really hard to find the best infrared gas grill under $500, but this one from Char-Broil makes it possible.

2. Simple Living Products SLP-SG-001 indoor infrared grill – best infrared grills under 300

best infrared grills

It is still possible to find the best infrared gas grill under $500 but hard to find the best infrared grills under 300. Now, the Simple living product store has brought you the best infrared grill under your budget. This is an indoor grill which makes it very easy to use.


Brand: Simple living products

Color: Grey

Material: Ceramic

Item dimensions: 20 × 14 × 6

Item weight: 11 pounds

Performance: Since it is the best portable infrared grills, so it is easy to use. It can be also taken outdoors easily. For people who love enjoying a barbeque weekend on their lawn, it would work the best for them. Since it is small in size, it is also easy to clean.

Comparison: It is much more affordable than the other infrared grills in the market. With such a low rate, it also provides you with easy handling. It is small, making it portable and easy to carry. With being used In indoors, it also comes with a smoke-free feature.

Usage: The cooking surface is large. You can easily cook a variety of foods. You can also start grilling the food directly from frozen. You need to plug in and start grilling your food. It also provides an option temperature for cooking.


  • Advanced infrared technology
  • Smokeless grilling
  • Provides optimal temperature
  • Retains food moisture


  • Careful while handling
  • Handle grills with care

What’s new?

The large nonstick cooking surface can fit a wide variety of foods. This allows you to cook fast. Flawless grilling and tasty food indoors taste exactly like an outdoor barbecue.

Why should you buy it?

This product will help you with fast and easy cooking. It also comes in a slim and sleek design. This would help you to keep it anywhere in the house. It is so easy to clean and adds flavor to your food.

3. Victory VCT3BSB- LP infrared grill – best infrared grills under 1000

best infrared grills

It comes with the best feature, best infrared grills under 1000 to help you in easy cooking and handling. It is made of stainless steel and promises long years of usage without damage. It also has Triple Ridge Flame Tamers and an infrared side burner feature.



Color: Stainless steel

Material: Stainless steel

Item dimensions: 25 × 54 × 48 inches

Item weight: 119 pounds

Performance: It comes with a large grilling surface, making it easy to cook food. Made up of the best quality stainless steel, which provides easy usage. It is also easy to clean. It provides enough heat for easy cooking and comes with easy temperature control.

Comparison: It comes with a three-burner system which helps with fast cooking. The temperature range offered is above 700F and helps in proposer cooking. This lets you have your barbecue evening fast and with properly cooked food.

Usage: An extra layer of insulation is added for consistent temperatures. Triple burners help in the distribution of heat. It also has four heavy-duty casters, which help you move it if you want it outdoors.


  • 2 locking casters
  • Side sear burner
  • Largest grilling surface
  • 8 grilling tool hooks


  • Big
  • Not easily portable

What’s new?

It comes with a 12000 BTU side sear burner which quickly heats for side searing. Comes with eight hooks for the keeping of grilling tools. It also has an enclosed can’t storage space.

Why should you buy it?

It would help you with the easy handling of grilling tools. The back of the cart is fully closed for safer storage of goods. Comes with two locking casters. Rear heat louvres regulate the heat, which allows steady temperatures.

4. Blaze premium LTE grill- Infrared grill with grill lights

best infrared grills

This product comes with inbuilt propane gas and with grill lights. The burner size of the model BLZ- 4LTE2- LP. It also has a rear infrared burner. The burner’s size is 32 inches.


Brand: Blaze

Color: Stainless steel

Material: Stainless steel

Item dimensions: 26 × 32 × 21 inches

Item weight: 114 pounds

Performance: You won’t regret investing your money in buying Blaze infrared gas grills as it is durable. It is also easy to use and can be cleaned easily. Since made up of stainless steel, the cleaning process is less hectic.

Comparison: It comes with grill lights which set the product in a different category from normal infrared gas grills. In short, it can be regarded as the best infrared grills. If you are someone who wants to have a barbecue evening, these grill lights will make your evening the best.

Usage: It comes with a four-burner system, making it easy to use. It helps in easy and fast cooking. Stainless steel-lined burners make them durable and long-lasting.


  • Heat zone operators
  • Stainless steel flame gamers
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean


  • Grills are weak
  • It is a bit heavy

What’s new?

The heat zone separators help easily cook food at different temperatures. The grill lights are, of course, something different and attractive simultaneously.

Why should you buy it?

The heat separators will work best for you if you want to cook fast food. You can easily cook different food at different temperatures. Stainless steel flame covers also minimize flare-ups. Triangle-shaped searing rods create an ideal surface for cooking.


1. How is infrared gas grills better than traditional gas grills?

They are better than traditional gas grills as you don’t require any gas or charcoal to light them up. They heat themselves to get your food ready. Also, they don’t need any hot air to grill your food. Easy to use and also easy to keep clean. They also let you have a wide space for easy cooking. When you start using infrared gas grills, you end up cooking faster.