The Best Portable Smoker for Your BBQ Needs

There is nothing more enjoyable than having a barbecue on the go. A good memory is created when we share the food we like with our favorite people. But for this, you must want the best portable smoker to put in everything from a beach party to a home garden.



Traeger Grills Portable Wood Pellet Smoker

  • Compact size

  • Temperature control technology

  • Easy to handle

  • Outer porcelain coat

  • Best for home use

Masterbuilt MB20070421 Digital Electric Smoker

  • User-friendly and digital on/off

  • Wide cooking capacity

  • Chrome coated smoking racks

  • Side wood chip loader and

  • Best outdoor party smoker

Realcook Steel Charcoal Smoker For Outdoor

  • Temperature control scale

  • Heat resistant backlight

  • Chrome plated cooking grid

  • Built-in thermometer

Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 Portable Charcoal Grill

  • Alloy steel construction and durable

  • Iron grates and adjustable charcoal tray

  • Perfect airflow control

  • Easy to clean the ash

In this article, you will find reviews and unique features of the four best portable smokers, from which choosing the one you like is not a difficult task. Each smoker is selected depending on their performance, durability, and customer feedback. So, grab the opportunity to enjoy your next weekend.

4 Best Portable Smoker-Buying Guide

Before buying the best portable smoker, there are a few things to remember.

The number of openings: When you buy a portable smoker, you first need to see how many openings there are. It determines how the heat escapes from the system. When the optimal amount of heat is removed from the system, the smoke can be well controlled because excess smoke makes the barbecue unsuitable for consumption.

Temperature control: If you can regulate and control the temperature and the right time, the food will be smooth, juicy, and delicious. In the case of traditional cooking, temperature control plays a primary role. So you can control the temperature to an optimal level. Thermostat and rheostat are present within the smoker, showing the temperature level.

Heat flow system: The best portable smoker will make a good amount of hits that can make a good meal. If you are a passionate cook, you must prefer an electric smoker so you can cook well in less time. For professional use, choose a portable smoker with a top-to-bottom hit, and a bottom-to-top hit is advisable for domestic use.

Food tray structure: Inside each smoker are food trays of different shapes and sizes arranged horizontally with inclination or without inclination. Understand what kind of food you will smoke and select the trays. What the trays are made of is also thinkable to consider because they are best made of steel or stainless steel.

Price: It is crucial matter to fix the price before going to the market to buy a portable smoker. Depending on the price increases, the availability of many products. Even if you set a very tight budget, you will still have plenty of options to select from one product to another.

Top 4 Best Portable Smoker Reviews

1.  Best portable pellet smoker: Traeger Grills Portable Wood Pellet Smoker


best portable smoker


If you are looking for a small and handy portable smokerTraeger Grills is the best portable pellet smoker. You can easily assemble the parts and later clean them beautifully. The quality is superfine and well-built.


Brand: Traeger Grills wood pellet smoker

Power source: Wood pellet

Item dimension: 20 * 21* 30

Color: Black

Weight: 60 Pounds


Comparing all other pellet smokers from other companies, it is seen that it has a superfine temperature control technology and is very easy to assemble.


It is user-friendly and has porcelain-coated grill grates. In addition, it has advanced temperature control performance.


o every time, perfect results

o Endless flavor

o Superior taste

o Easy to assemble

o Clean hazardously


o Not for beginners

What’s New?

You can clean the outer porcelain part after cooking the meal. The maximum temperature is 450 degrees.

Why you should buy it? 

If you want a hand barbecue tool at a budget-friendly price, it is the best portable pellet smoker that offers superfine temperature control and a wide cooking area. It is the perfect smoker for adventure and weekend parties.

 2.    Best portable electric smoker: Masterbuilt MB20070421 Digital Electric Smoker

best portable smoker


The temperature and timing control features are innovative. If you follow the manual, it will be very easy to handle for home use. The temperature can be compatible, and the external wood chip dispenser allows a long barbecue without opening the door.


Brand: Masterbuilt 30-inch digital smoker

Power source: Corded electric

Items dimension: 19.9 * 20.5 *33.3

Color: Black

Item weight: 50.3 Pounds


It has a wide space, and the material is stainless steel. As it has a corded electric power system, you can keep it in front of your garden. The best portable electric smoker has chrome-coated smoking racks.

Usage: You can turn it on/off the machine with a digital button; the space is around 711 sq ft, and it has the ability to consistently smoke.


o Simple and user friendly

o Wide cooking capacity

o Chrome-coated smoking racks

o Digital on/off

o Side wood chip loader

o Budget-friendly


o Hard to read the digital display in daylight

o Sometimes, Smoke control hampered

What’s New?

There is a wood chip loader at the side of the smoker so that you can experiment with various flavors without opening the machine door.

Why you should buy it? 

If you need a digital smoker with family pack advantages, it is the best choice as it offers thermostat temperature control with a 711 sq. feet cooking area. Besides, It is a budget-friendly and stylish portable smoker.

3. Best portable charcoal smoker: Real cook Steel Charcoal Smoker For Outdoor Cooking

best portable smoker


It is a multifunctional charcoal smoker with an in-build and adjustable temperature scale and a 453 sq inch cooking space. Moreover, it has two access doors you can open according to your needs.


Brand: Real cook 17-inch steel charcoal smoker

Power source: Charcoal

Item dimensions: 55.9 * 43.2 * 88.9cm

Color: Black

Item weight: 18.55 pounds

Comparison: Comparing all other charcoal smokers from other companies, it has an automatic heat controller and a built-in LID thermometer. It is easy to clean every time after cooking.

Usage: The charcoal smoker has two layers design with an innovative locking system that you can control by yourself.


o You can smoke/grill/steam/bake/braise/roast

o High-temperature control scale

o Heat-resistant backlight

o Chrome plated cooking grid

o Controllable air vent

o Build-in thermometer

o Powerful leg


o Not suitable for a small party

What’s New?

This high-temperature-resistant charcoal smoker has a chrome-plated grid, a built-in thermometer, and functional access doors.

Why you should buy it? 

The best portable charcoal smoker will give you the best smoker experience. It controls the air supply and has a stylish two-layered design that is ideal for home and outdoor use.

4. Best Portable Fish Smoker: Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 Portable Charcoal Grill

best portable smoker


It is a durable, high-quality portable smoker with thick cast-iron grates. You will get an adjustable charcoal tray to cook on high or low heat.


Brand: Oklahoma Joe’s rambler grill and smoker

Item dimension: 49.5 * 68.1 * 55.4 cm

Color: Black

Item weight: 1 kg

Material: Alloy steel

Comparison: It is a combo barbecue tool that acts as a grill and smoker. It offers a large air dumper and a charcoal tray.

Usage: It is the best portable fish smoker that is user-friendly and has a removable ashtray that cleans beautifully.


o Alloy steel construction and durable

o Iron grates and adjustable charcoal tray

o Perfect airflow control

o Removable ashtray


o Not for a large family tour or party use

What’s New?

It has thick iron grates with large air dampers that control the airflow.

Why you should buy it? 

If you need a grill and smoker combo at a budget-friendly rate, it is the best choice someone can have. You can easily follow the manual and assemble the setup. High heat will moisten the meat slowly.


 1. What is the best smoker for home use?

Some of the best portable smokers reviewed that you can buy for home use are Oklahoma Joe’s portable charcoal grill smoker, Traeger Grills portable wood pellet smoker, and Masterbuilt Digital electric smoker. If you want, you can also place them in your garden or backyard.

2. What is the best small smoker?

The best small smokers are Traeger Grills’ portable wood pellet smoker and Oklahoma Joe’s portable charcoal grill smoker.

 3. What is the best outdoor smoker?

Real cook Steel charcoal and master-built Digital electric smokers are the best outdoor smokers.