Comparing Green Mountain Grills vs Traeger: Which is the Best BBQ Grill?

The green mountain grills vs Traeger grills have the main differences in the pellet grills category. So let us look at two items from both companies to determine why green mountain grills vs Traeger garners so much buzz among customers.

Which is a better green mountain or Traeger?

Green Mountain Grills have obtained tons of customers since the company started selling in the year of 2008. The pellet grills of GMG are both well-constructed and high-tech. On the other hand, Traeger grills are mostly hardwood pellets that infuse incredible smoky flavor into the food cooked on them.

The first item from GMG is its Wi-Fi-controlled wood pellet grill which is small in size and hence easily portable. You can swiftly carry this tailgating grill on your next mountain trek to cook delicious meat on the go. It is made of alloy steel material, and currently, the colors available are green and stainless steel. The product weighs around 65 pounds, and the material of the frame is also made of stainless steel.

Many new features are available in this new product of the company. Firstly, it has an exterior adjustment rod that shields the heat. The legs are stauncher, and you can also buy an optional trek cart separately that is made of stainless steel. Upgradation has been performed on the Davy Crockett, and now it is the new GMG trek prime.

The digital controller of Wi-Fi can be monitored and controlled through Android or iOS mobile applications. Users can also get a sense-mate, a thermal sensor that constantly regulates the grill’s temperature, a convenience tray with utensil hooks, a meat probe, a lid that is peaked for rib racks, and so on. The grill is perfect for tailgating and house boating, camping, home usage, hunting,  music festivals, etc., as it can run on 120AC or 12V.

On the other hand, Traeger grills are also no less popular in the market. A small wood pellet grill from the company is portable and also functions as a smoker. It is a ranger grill that weighs 60 pounds and is black in color. The grates for grilling are coated with porcelain which is very easy to clean.

The timer for cooking lets you know when it is time to check the meat or pour sauce on it. The total cooking area of the product is 184 square inches and the capacity of the pellet hopper is 8 lbs. The griddle made of cast iron helps you cook your egg perfectly or sear your steak. The voltage goes up to 120V, and the maximum temperature is 450°.

The GMG models are definitely cheaper than the equivalent models from Traeger. On the contrary, Traeger offers an additional warming rack to its grills, while GMG grills’ surface area is less because of the rack design of a single grill. The other significant difference is that the GMG model has Wi-Fi, while Traeger does not offer any such thing. So you need to consider all these features to determine which grill is better for you to use.

green mountain grills vs traeger

Green mountain grills daniel Boone wifi vs Traeger:

The Daniel Boone model from GMG has a lid that is peaked for rib racks, stand-up chicken, huge fowl, a digital controller, a convenience tray with hooks for utensils, a meat probe, rubber tires, a firebox that is venturi-style to the combust cyclone. The thermal sensor here is called Sense Mate, which constantly monitors the ambient temperature.

It turns the grill into turbo mode while the weather gets cold, so users do not need to wait any longer for the machine to heat up. The hopper fan with positive pressure protects against burn-back, and the item’s weight is 152 pounds.

The fan-only mode has an additional feature to remove the ash from the firebox after the grilling is complete. The cooking surface is approximately 432 square inches, and the clearance surface inside is 13.5 inches. The sloped design of the pellet hopper ensures that it is fed properly into the mouth of the auger.

On the other hand, many Traeger models lack all these additional features, and sometimes they are to be purchased at an extra price. Some models even do not have a Wi-Fi controller, which is surely a benefit of the GMG models.


1. Are green mountain grills any good?

According to reviews, the green mountain grills are very useful and also easy to assemble. The flavor of the meat is great when it is cooked on any model, and the customer service is also quite satisfactory.