Grill Safety Tips For Tailgating: Keep The Party Safe And Fun

How fun it is to grill some delicious menus during a tailgating event. But even while you use the best grills for tailgating, it is important to be aware of some safety procedures. It shall help to keep the party safe and fun-filled. A few necessary safety measures have been discussed below:

  • Try To Use Grills Away From Vehicles: It is very important to remember to maintain a safe distance from vehicles while setting up your grill during tailgating. It shall help you to keep the party safe from any unfortunate accidents occurring due to sparks or flames falling on the vehicles. You must be careful especially if you are using either a wood pellet or charcoal grill.
  • Place The Grill Over A Flat Surface: if you place the grill either over a steep surface or a slope then there is a high chance that it might trip over and catch fire. So it is important to ensure that the grill has been properly set up over a flat concrete surface.
  • Check For Leaks: Before you light up the grill and begin your barbecue session at tailgating ensure that there are no leakages either on the grill or even with the propane tank if you are using one. This check is very necessary to do especially if you have not used the grill for some months. Also, ensure that you have kept the lid of your grill open while you are lighting the grill.
  •  Keep A Spray Bottle And Fire Extinguisher Handy: You must have noticed that when the fat from the meat drips down on fire, the flames tend to flare up and sometimes it keeps burning around the edges of the grill. It will cause excess smoke from underneath the lid. So, if you have a spray bottle handy, you can quickly extinguish the flames before it spreads. And just as a precautionary measure, it is also important to keep a fire extinguisher handy in case a fire breaks out due to wind or any other reason.
  • Wear Proper Clothing: It is equally important to wear appropriate clothing while you are using a grill at tailgating. Nylon clothes or long-sleeved clothes increase the chances of catching fire from a small flame.
  • Never Leave The Grill Unattended: When you are using a barbecue grill in tailgating never must you leave a grill unattended when it is burning. If there is an emergency ensure it is kept monitored by an adult. Any flare of flame in your absence can lead to a fire.
  • Keep The Grill Clean: Before you take the grill to tailgate make sure you have kept it clean after your last use. there must not remain any traces of fats or oils. Such things increase the chances of catching fire. And also make sure to cook in small batches other than overfilling the barbecue. This too leads to sudden fire from massive leakage of grease off the meat.