Guide 101: How Do Pellet Grills Work?

Pellet grills are the best outdoor cookers. They are generally produced in the variations of the fuel they use. The general lineups are kitchen oven, gas grills and charcoal smokers. Pellet grills need to be ignited using electricity. Then after the fuel is pellets of hardwood. Here’s all about how do pellet grills work. 

  • Pellet grills have a component called “Hopper”. To smoke, the food wood pellets are poured into the hopper. 
  • Auger is a rotating part in the pellet grill which helps in moving the pellet in the firepot. It is powered by electricity.
  • Pellets are ignited in the firepot because of a hot rod. Once the pellets are ignited, they produce heat and smoke.
  • Air from the induction fan helps in the combustion of fire. 
  • The heat baffle above the firepot helps in spreading the heat evenly across the grill to have properly cooked food. 
  • The grease drip above the heat baffle collect the dripping fat from the meat to enhance the flavour and maintain the even heat distribution.

How do pellet smoker grills work?

how do pellet grills work

The Pellet smoker grill has two important party hoppers and the cooking chamber. The wood pellets are first poured into the hopper. The cooking chamber then takes over the operation. 

The following parts of the smoker are vital

  • Auger: – It operates with the help of electricity. It rotates the wood pellets and further pours them into the firepot. 
  • Firepot: – It acts as a container where the wood pellets are ignited to start the cooking process
  • Hot rod: – It ignited the wood pellets in the firepot to produce heat and smoke. 
  • Induction fan: – It cares about the proper circulation of heat and smoke across the grill to evenly cook the food without burning it. 
  • Dripping tray: – It collects the fat drips from the food and adds the extra flavour to grilled food. Further, it keeps the grill safe from grease and can be cleaned very easily. 

How do electric pellet grills work?

Electric pellet grills work by powering the auger. Further, a hot rod helps in igniting the pellets rotating in the firepot. That’s the basic concept on how the functioning of the electric pellet grills. 

Do pellet grills work in cold weather?

how do pellet grills work

In the cold weather the requirement of heat manifolds. But the depletion of levels of oxygen does act as a hindrance. It does make the process of cooking a tad bit difficult. But, pellet grills do work in cold weather. 

By increasing the amount of fuel by using high-quality wood pellets and arranging proper insulation, one can successfully cook in pellet grills in cold weather. 

How to use pellet grills

The auger in the pellet grills move the hardwood pellets from the hopper and transfer them to the firepot. The auger works on electricity. The pellets are ignited by the hot rod. The induction fan helps in even heat circulation. It takes care of the smoke. The drip tray collects fat drips to prevent sudden flare-ups. The entire operation depends on the controller. 


1. How does pellet grills work?

The basic operation of the pellet grills depends on the auger which works on electricity. It rotates the wood pellets and transfers them to the fire pot to be ignited by the hot rod. The heat and spoke are evenly spread on the grill by an induction fan and a drip tray takes care of the grease from the food. This is all about the basic function of the pellet grills. 

2. Is pit boss as good as Traeger?

Pit Boss products are quite versatile as the Traeger’s. It doubles as both a grill. The temperature can go up to 500°. Pit Boss even has digital controllers just as Traeger that offers accurate temperature settings. Similarly, it sells its hardwood mix pellets for the grills. 

Moreover, Traeger and Pit Boss have a huge range of size lined up for various cooking space range and mobility. Pit Boss is as good as the classic Traeger. 

3. How to operate a pellet grill?

The basic operation of any pellet grill is based on the functioning of an auger powered by electricity. Learn about it and be careful while transferring the wood pellets to the firepot. The hot rod further ignites the wood pellets to start the fire for your BBQ session!