How Much Brisket Per Person – A Guide To Your Lavish Meal

If you are confused about how much brisket per person shall you serve during the supper, find it here. Here is a simple breakdown provided about it to make your job easy.

Facts about brisket

Before you go ahead about the portion sizes let’s walk through a few facts about brisket. Once you understand briskets, it shall be easier for you to estimate, how much shall you serve your guests. The complete loaf of brisket is also called Packer’s cut. It normally weighs around 10-16 lbs. But often you shall find it being sold in two different cuts. One is the flat cut that has a lesser content of fat and normally is used for braising. And the other is the point cut which has a heavier content of fat. This is perfect for being put in a grill or a smoker.

How much brisket per person?

How Much Brisket Per Person

As the general rule goes, you shall require somewhere around ¼ to ¾ lbs. of cooked brisket to feed per person. But while making this calculation, you must also remember an important factor. When you shall cook the meat, it shall shrink in its total volume by 40-50 %. So, if you are estimating ½ lbs. of brisket per person then, it would be ideal if you portion 1 lb. of meat per person before you cook.

Of course, the second consideration for you to make shall be that you may not fall short of brisket, right? So, if you are thinking of smoking or slow cooking the brisket, you must look forward to keeping the time between 12-20 hours to cook.  If you happen to run out of the brisket in the middle of the cooking you shall not be able to add more. But on the other hand, if you have a little extra and even if it becomes a leftover later, you can still enjoy eating it.

The portion size of cooked beef brisket

Here is a breakdown of the different portion sizes of brisket you should buy. These portions are based on ½ lbs., ¼ lbs. and ¾ lbs.

  • ½ lbs. servings of brisket

This is the industry standard of serving and happens to be a good average to fit kids and big eaters. It usually feeds one person for every 1lbs, uncooked brisket. A brisket packer of 15 lbs. should feed 10 people.

  • ¼ lbs. servings of brisket

This size of meat is ideal when you need smaller portion sizes. This portion size of brisket feeds 0.5 lbs. of uncooked brisket to one person. A brisket packer of 15lbs. can feed 30 people.

  • ¾ lbs. servings of brisket

If the guests are big eaters, then, this is the perfect portion size that you should go for. This can feed 1.5 lbs. of uncooked brisket to one person. So, the 15 lbs. packer for this shall feed 15 people comfortably.

Size of packer brisket½ lbs. of serving¼ lbs. of serving¾ lbs. of serving
12 lbs.24 persons12 persons8 persons
15 lbs.30 persons15 persons10 persons
18 lbs.36 persons18 persons12 persons

Understand your guest

How Much Brisket Per Person

It is also an important thing to understand the level of appetite of your guests. If you are cooking the brisket for friends and family then, you certainly have an idea about their level of consumption. This shall also help you to understand the different portion sizes each of your guests probably can consume. You can even make a different calculation for children as well or in case there are vegetarians.

As you are portioning meat, make sure to consider making half in the portion size of brisket for the kids. You must also be attentive during cooking so that there is no cross-contamination when you are cooking meat and vegetables.

Other considerations to make

While estimating the different portion sizes of brisket, it is also important to keep in mind the other items to accompany this menu. In case you are making a full meal then there shall be appetizers and salads to be served before you serve brisket. There shall be sauces as a side dish to accompany the brisket and desserts as well. Not to forget there shall be alcohol too. So, take everything into consideration before you portion out the brisket.

Once you make all these estimations properly, you shall find it has become much easier for you to buy the portion size of the brisket. In addition to that, you shall also discover that everything has comfortably fit into your budget and the guests too have been fed properly in the end.