How To Deep Clean A Flat Top Grill – A Guide To Maintenance Of The Grill

A flat top grill is surely the best option but, having a bigger surface to it requires a proper cleaning as well. How to deep clean a flat top grill shall walk you through some easy steps to do so.
The purpose of deep cleaning a flat top grill
No matter whichever gadget you may use for cooking but adequate maintenance of hygiene and cleaning is a must. And a grill is no exception to that as well. It is utterly important to clean a grill too so that along with hygiene you can also make it function for a longer time. Cooking on a flat top grill makes the oil and grease accumulate over it. This either sticks the food on the grill while cooking or changes the texture and taste of the food. The further you prolong cleaning the more difficult it becomes. So, it is equally important to clean the flat top grill on a regular basis. Normally, as the rule goes one must clean the flat top grill as soon as it gets cooled. It makes the process much easier to do so. Furthermore, it saves it from being damaged by rust as well.
Methods for deep cleaning a flat top grill
Before you start the process of cleaning the flat top grill it is important that you rub the surface of the grill using paper towels. This not only absorbs the excess grease but also removes the particles of food on it. Now you can follow the further methods.

How To Deep Clean A Flat Top Grill
  1. Using water and vinegar
    Add water and vinegar to a plastic spray bottle and spray all over the surface of the flat top grill after turning the grill high. Give special attention to the grimy parts. And while you are doing so, with the help of a grill brush, spread the solution over the grill evenly and keep scrapping it. Keep doing this until the surface of the grill turn black with the residue. Then turn off the grill and use a huge amount of vinegar and water to scrape off the residue. Keep doing it till it turns clean. Then let the grill cool down again and then wipe it dry using a clean cloth.
  2. Using the liquid for dishwashing
    Another effective way of cleaning the flat top grill is by using regular dishwashing liquid. Pour the liquid over a wet sponge and wipe it over the grill. After that use, another sponge soaked with hot water and run over the grill again wiping it clean.
  3. Using the juice of lemon
    Similar to the process of vinegar and water you can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar with water and clean the surface of the flat top grill very easily.
  4. Using steam
    This is a very simple process for you shall not require anything except water. Put the flat top grill to high and scrape the residue over it using a grill brush. Swipe away the liquid and use more water if needed until it is clean.
  5. Using hot oil
    Over the flat top grill pour a bit of oil that is neutral such as the peanut oil or the canola oil. Then turn the heat to medium on the grill. Using a pumice stone gently scrub the oil all over the grill in a circular motion. As soon as the hot oil mixes with the residue on the grill, turn off the grill and let it cool. Then blot it clean using the paper towels. If you wish to follow this method on a regular basis then use a grill brick instead of a pumice stone.
  6. Using soda water
    In this method, all you got to do is pour a generous quantity of soda water on the flat top grill. Scrub it gently in a circular motion using a pumice stone. You shall easily be able to clean the residue with a paper towel.
How To Deep Clean A Flat Top Grill
  1. Using soda and lemon
    Put one part of lemon juice in four parts of soda water in a plastic spray bottle. Heat the flat top grill to medium and using a grill scraper remove the burnt bits. Spray the mixture on the grill and let 5-10 minutes pass. Then clean the surface using a green scouring pad.
  2. Using onion
    Onion is one of the natural sources that you shall find in the kitchen. Slice it into half and scrub it over the flat top grill. Onion has the natural ability to absorb the residue over it. Then you can wipe and clean the grill using paper napkins.
  3. Using coffee
    Pour the leftover brewed coffee on the flat top grill and allow it to soak for half an hour. Then with the grill scraper pull off the residue. Wipe it clean using paper towels.
  4. Using Beer
    Just like the method using coffee, pour beer over the flat top grill. Using a wire brush scrub the surface. Then wipe the grill clean using dry paper towels.
    It is very important to note a few things before you use the different agents to clean your flat top grill. Be careful about the construction of the grill. If it has been made with a chrome top then, you must resist using abrasive or harsh compounds. To use warm water with paper towels shall be a much safer option in that case. Also, make sure if using the grill brush shall be appropriate or not. As a safe alternative, you can use a soft cloth instead for scrubbing.
    Composite grill tops are ok for the usage of the liquid soap method. But make sure to use a sponge so that no damage is formed on the grill. If the flat top grill is made with stainless steel, then you can use any of the methods freely without having to worry about a thing.