Kamado Joe Classic 2 Review: Get the Best BBQ Experience

In this kamado joe classic 2 review, we will see how the product has redefined the grilling experience of the buyers with high-quality grills. This kamado joe classic 2 review is enough for you to be interested in the item if you have a knack for buying efficient grills.

Kamado Joe Classic 2 Review

kamado joe classic 2 review


• Brand: Kamado Joe

• Colour: Blaze Red

• Material: Ceramic, Stainless Steel

• Item Dimensions L×W×H: 26.4×26.4×36 inches

• Type: Charcoal Grill


The kamado joe classic 2 weight is 250 pounds. The material used in each part is ceramic, ranging from the interior firebox that holds the coals to the thick walls. Customers can control the amount of air that flows into the box by adjusting the top and bottom vents. The temperature of the grill is thus dependable on the user. The top vent is used for the fine-tuning of heat at 25-degree intervals.

On the other hand, the bottom vent can regulate the heat on a larger scale. Lowering or raising can be done at intervals of 100 degrees. You will not need to burn much charcoal to keep the grill at your preferred temperature because the ceramic holds perfectly in the heat.

The kamado joe classic 2 assembly is comparatively tough. Moving the product and then setting it up requires a lot of strength. It will take less than 30 minutes to assemble, and the most difficult part will be to get the wedge-shaped pieces of ceramic of the fire box to stay put while setting the stainless steel ring on top that holds them in place. You will only need a screwdriver to fix the screws present on the rolling cart.


The biggest competitor of this product in the market is the Big Green Egg Large. It has a lower price than Kamado but does not come with the necessary standard accessories. Unlike the BGE, Kamado has heat diffusers, stands, grates, shelves, etc. If we add in the prices of these items, which are absolutely important, the BGE costs relatively more.

Another item is from the same company named kamado joe classic 3. As the name suggests, this product consists of several upgrades and is almost 400 US dollars more pricy than the 2. The side tables of the two models are different too. Classic 3’s core is much more rigid than 2, and it is made of galvanized steel. When someone closes the lid on the classic 2, it bounces and appears to be a little bit frail. Classic 3 has locking wheels that facilitate the powder-coated steel cart.

On the other hand, classic 2 consists of an inbuilt thermometer. Kamado 2 also has a top vent for the control tower, while classic 3 offers users a cooking system that is flexible. While the classic 3 has the standardized felt gasket, the other one has a brand-new hinge of an airlift. Even after the launch of 3, the classic 2 version is still much more acceptable to users and stands out better than its successor.


The grill has enough cooking area to grill anything that sustains a family of 4. The exclusive retention of heat helps users cook slowly and low for many hours without adding coals, even at cold temperatures. The best kamado joe classic 2 bundle deals are the best way to buy a kamado joe as you can get offers of up to 20% and also free delivery sometimes.

Smoking on a kamado joe classic 2 is to be done just the same way as roasting or searing meat. The grills are much more popular for smoking as they seal in the moisture better than the other smokers. It does not make the meat go dry.


• Simple to operate

• Eye-catching design and color

• Amazing heat retention

• Swift and versatile


• It takes time to reduce the temperature

• Very heavy to move

• Expensive and the ceramic is breakable

What’s new?

Kamado joe classic 2 price is definitely more than the usual grills. At over 1000 US dollars, the product is actually worth buying.

Why you should buy it?

The design and build quality of the kamado are amazing. If you are a cooking enthusiast who loves to grill and smoke different types of meats, you should try this one.


1. Is the kamado joe classic 2 big enough?

The classic piece has a cooking grate that is 18 inches. It provides almost 256 square inches of space in the basic setup. It also has a grill expander which is very beneficial.

2. Is the kamado joe classic 2 worth it?

With its incredible features and eye-catching design, kamado joe classic 2 is surely a good investment for your barbecue parties or other events. You will find many genuine reviews of the particular item, which may help you choose if you should buy it or not.