Nomad Grill Review – Your Favorite Grilling Device

Do you know nomad grills are not only portable but also come with having an ignition switch to start it anywhere? As you read further in the nomad grill review, you shall understand why you should choose this grill amongst many others in the market.




  • Portable

  • Dual burners

  • Easy to start

Nomad Grill Review – Buying Guide

You shall surely come across multiple brands of grills in the showrooms and in online stores as well. But indeed, there are a few factors you must check before buying a grill. Nomad grill review not only educates you about this renowned brand but also tells you the factors to look at. This time make your shopping for grill profitable!

  1. The types of cooking it can do: it is important to determine if the grill can provide you with the methods, you are looking for. Like, can you use it for fast cooking, slow cooking, or even both, based on your requirements?
  2. Brand: yes, the brand of the grill is indeed a major aspect to rely upon.
  3. Warranty: it is surely another important factor to know about its period of warranty so that you are able to approach in case of any issues.

Nomad Grill Review

1. NOMADIQ portable propane gas grill


Product brand: NOMADIQ

Color: black

Material: stainless steel

Power source: gas 

Weight: 12.3 pounds

Grilling surface: 226.3 inches

Other dimensions: portable gas grill


Here in this nomad grill review, you shall learn the details of nomad portable grill review. It is one of the sleekest designed gas grills that is compact and portable. It weighs only 12 pounds which makes it very easy to carry outdoors. Having 226 square inches of ceramic-coated non-stick grates provides a lot of room to grill the food comfortably. In fact, it is the largest grill surface compared to any other portable grill. The distribution of heat is also efficient and even. The grates are easy to remove and can be cleaned using a dishwasher as well. This grill is also resistant to rust. 


It has almost 10,000 BTU with the advantage of dual burners. You can use this BBQ grill using one or even both sides as well. with the help of two independently controlled burners, it supports controlling the temperatures individually. This grill functions through the use of propane gas. It comes having two drip trays that collect all the grease over the surface of the grill. this helps to reduce the risk of flare-ups. You can easily remove the drip trays and wipe them clean. 


This portable gas grill is perfect to be used in small homes or to be taken along outdoors for camping and hikes. It opens and closes very quickly. To set this grill up it does not take longer than 45 seconds. In three simple steps, you can easily unlock, open, and connect this grill. Just by unfolding the legs at the bottom, the grill opens up very easily. Pulling up the handle guides the two sides of the grill down. As you give a twist to the propane, it lights up the grill very easily too.  After you light the grill, it takes no time to get heated and be ready for use. This is one such grill that shall neither require you to assemble any of its parts as well. The grill cools down very easily as well, within 10-15 minutes. 


  • Portable
  • Dual burners
  • Very easy to set up and start


  • No lid

What’s New?

It has a strong rust-free body made of stainless steel. It can easily be used as a tabletop grill both indoors and outdoors. This set comes having 2 drip trays, a regulator/gas hose, a manual, and a carrying strap. Having 4,600 BTU on each side, it cooks food evenly and very quickly as well. No matter what food you may put on the grill. It shall give you the same performance just like the regular-sized grill. from the date of your purchase, you shall get 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. 

Why you should buy it?

This grill has been made using heavy steel construction. It has also been given a powder-coated finish to provide durability to it. having cast-iron grill plates and stainless-steel burners, it can withstand outdoor cooking. The electric ignition switch fires up quickly as you push it. The non-stick cooking grates are big support for cooking the food evenly. You can easily carry this lightweight grill on your outdoor trips just by hanging it over the shoulder using the shoulder strap.