Pit Boss P Setting – A Guide

As you have bought a Pit Boss grill then indeed you must know about its details. Read here about pit boss p setting, so that you can use the grill up to its full potential.

Pit boss p setting

In the Pit Boss grill, the P setting means “Pause.” Each time you turn up the P settings in a Pit Boss grill, you are actually bringing an increase in the amount of time between each of the pellet cycles. This means that you are cutting down on the pellet supply. It shall lower the surrounding temperature of the grill. This shall also lead to more smoke from the firebox because the pellets that are present inside shall smolder instead of igniting a flame.

On the contrary to that, as you adjust the P setting to a lower number, you shall be supplying a steady number of pellets to the firebox.  It shall quickly ignite and shall increase the temperature of the grill. This feature has been designed in this grill so that you can have full control over your cooking environment. When you are thorough with P settings, you can easily control the temperature of the grill to high or low and do not have to depend on the weather for that. It shall also help you to compensate for the quality of wood that is of poor quality.

Pit Boss P Setting

The initial setting that is recommended

As per the Pit Boss, when you begin your cooking session, keep the P setting to 4. It is also the factory default setting. It allows the auger to perform at an interval of 18 seconds and 115 seconds between the cycle. It gets you the temperature that you require.


There is no chance of hitting the P set button while you are cooking as it is recessed. You can easily access it with the help of a toothpick or a screwdriver. Just give it a gentle press and it shall function again. As you press the button, the P setting starts flashing and then the number displayed on it shall go higher. Once it reaches the highest setting which is P7, it shall automatically reset to P0.

When shall you adjust the P setting?

If the grill is set to the SMOKE function, which is, the temperature less than 200 degrees Fahrenheit and it fluctuates then you should adjust the P setting. P setting function has been designed for SMOKE mode because this mode is controlled exclusively by the support of timing. You can even use the P setting function when the grill has been set to temperatures ranging between 200 to 250 degrees. This means that when the dial of the temperature is in the SMOKE position, the auger shall manually run feeding the pallets for 4 minutes. If the default setting has been set to P4, then in that case, it shall stop for 115 seconds. And then again, the augur shall run for another 18 seconds and continue repeating the cycle.

Things to know while adjusting the P setting

Each time you are adjusting the P setting, remember that you are interfering with the augur system. A quick increase or decrease in the flow of pellets shall damage this important thing. So, you must be careful while switching.

If you have adjusted the setting once then it is better to wait for 30 minutes before you change it again. If you change too often then it might drowse the flame. You shall have to start the grill once again. And this loss of time may end up ruining the food that you are cooking. Especially if you are using the slow cooking method.

If you are sensing that the fame is about to die or there is a fluctuation in the temperature then make sure to lower the P setting. Do not increase it by any chance.

Pit Boss P Setting

Tips for controlling the temperature

  • Use grill blanket

Grill blankets are one of the best insulators and protect the pellet grill from elements. It also maintains a consistent level of temperature.

  • Dome Thermometer

This shall help you to get an accurate reading very quickly. But remember this reading shall be based on the highest point of the grill.

  • Meat probe

Using the meat probe to check the internal temperature of your food is another good way to get accurate results.

  • Cook using quality pellets

Using quality pellets while cooking shall be another great option too. It shall last longer and burn at a steady pace. This shall give you a firm control over the internal temperature of the grill.