The Pros And Cons Of Propane vs. Charcoal Grills For Tailgating

Both Propane and Charcoal grills can serve as the best grills for tailgating. But each of these has its pros and cons too. Once you evaluate both the pros and cons of these two grills, you will have a clear understanding of which will be more purposeful for you. 

Propane Grills

Propane grills are more environmentally friendly. They emit a lesser carbon footprint compared to charcoal grills.A bit complicated to set up and connect to the propane cylinder.
You can easily ignite the grill with the push of a button and there are knobs for controlling the temperature.There are safety concerns if not careful. The propane gas might leak or even can easily catch fire if there is a burning splinter nearby.
This grill is more versatile because for different types of foods such as meat, vegetables, or fruit you cannot use the same temperature. It gives you the option for switching the heat levels.Even though this grill is portable yet it becomes a bit heavier to carry the propane cylinder along especially when traveling to another place for tailgating.
You can use it for a variety of cooking purposes such as smoking, grilling, barbecuing, roasting, and more.More expensive compared to charcoal grills.
Propanelasts longer and so you can have at least twenty-five hours of cooking before getting it refilled.Adding that extra smoky flavor to food is not possible.

Charcoal Grills

Adds a smoky flavor to food elevating its taste much higher.Takes more time to heat up
Capable of reaching much higher temperatures than gas grills. This is why it is the best option for cooking every type of meat.Less environmentally friendly as charcoal emits smoke while burning.
A more budget-friendly option than propane grills.Temperature controlling is much more difficult to perform.
A lot safer than propane grills as there is no fear of propane leakage.Grilling delicate food such as vegetables and fruits is not possible. It burns them. 
Less heavy to carry so, you can comfortably carry it at tailgating.Arranging coal each time is troublesome. And cleaning it up after cooking is troublesome too.