History Of Pit Boss Grills And where Are Pit Boss Grills Made now?

Pit Boss Grills was found in 1999. It is a subsidiary of Dansons, Inc, owned by Dan Theissen and his two sons Jeff and Jordan. They were the first company to dive into the market of pellet smokers after the patent of Traeger Grills expired. This article contains all the information about where are pit boss grills made.

Where are pit boss grills made?

Recently, there’s a lot of discussion about where are pit boss grills made. Much information about the manufacturing site is not available. But several sites on the internet claim that some of the Pot Boss products are made in China and then exported to the United States. Pit Boss Grills hired Joe Traeger and his son Brian in September 2018. Recently, Bob Traeger is behind all the promotion and awareness programs of Pit Boss grills. 

Since then Pit Boss Grills has the fasted growth in the pellet grill industry. They were awarded the 2019 innovation Award by Lowe’s Company, Inc.

Products of pit boss grills

Pit Boss is best known for its heavy-duty grillers. They offer a big and heavier build to withstand any circumstance. Their premium grills are the best in the grilling industry and offer the best performance. Their long-lasting series includes the Ceramic Charcoal Barbeque Series and Wood Pellet Series and the Ceramic Charcoal Barbecue Series. 

Every Pit Boss grill is designed to offer the most versatile and practical performance. On a Pit Boss grills, one can do any sort of cooking activity. It offers a range from grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, searing, and the best barbeque experience. The wide range of sizes offered by the Pit Boss helps in getting the perfect model according to your need. 

where are pit boss grills made

Pit boss vs Traeger


Both Pit Boss and Traeger offer few fully insulated models of grills. The top-line products are of premium built. They have stainless steel body upgrades along with extra grates and higher quality temperature controllers.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is a very important aspect of the grills. It determines the even distribution of heat across the grates. The temperature is controlled by two aspects, namely digital controller and insulation.

Traeger has models made up of single-layered steel and it has got other models like Timberline and Ironwood which offer double-wall insulation to operate it during cold weather. The Traeger models have a limit of 15°F increments for steady smoke. 

Similarly, Pit Boss has tried to create stable temperature regulation and design models that don’t leak the smoke. But only a few Pit Boss models have double-wall insulation. Instead, they sell insulating blankets which are quite inexpensive and do work on cold days. Pit Boss digital controllers allow setting the temperature of 25°F increments which is 10° higher than the Traeger. 

Temperature Range

Recently, both the pellet grill companies have revamped their temperature range to cross the 400°F mark. They have updated the drivetrain due to which their maximum capacity is 500°F. This temperature is appropriate even for the reverse sear. 

Pit Boss are at advantage for the slide open sear plate. It gives a grilling option over the open wood fire instead of the indirect heat. This helps in moisture retention and crisper crust on the grilled food. 

Similarly, both Pit Boss’s and Traeger have a similar minimum range. 

Cooking Space

Both Pit Boss and Traeger have lined up a wide range of models varying in size. Several models offer ultra-wide cooking space while others perfect for a family of four. 

Bit, if you are quite particular about your cooking space, Pit Boss must be your choice. It has a range of vertical pellet smoker models which offers maximum cooking space for a compact design. It is best for tiny backyards or balconies. 

 Hopper Size

where are pit boss grills made

The hopper capacity of the pellet grills determines the period of how long the smoke can stay without any intervention. So, Traeger models have an 18-pound hopper. They are quite big and handle generous enough wood pellets for most of the grilling. Linger cooking can be managed with just 1 refill.

On the other hand, Pit Boss product range has several size-types of hopper sizes. Most of the hoppers are bigger than Traeger’s size. The newer models of hopper size of 55-pound aid cooking for 24 hours straight without refuelling.

Warranty period

Pit Boss grills win the warrant period comparison. They offer 5 years warranty on their products which is 2 years more than the Traeger pellet grills, that is, 3 years warranty.


1. What are extra features of Traeger Grills?

Traeger has some fancy features. It includes the WiFIRE technology on all the models of smokers. The WiFIRE helps in connecting the smoker with the smartphone of the user for a smooth controller of the fire.  

2. What is the warranty period of Pit Boss Grills?

Pit Boss offers the 5 years warranty period for all its grills.