Comparing Rec-Tec Grills vs Traeger Grills – Which is the Best Option?

Pellet grills are an advanced innovation in barbecuing. They’re also known as smokers. After reading this rec tec grills vs traeger grills blog, you can understand the key differences between rec tec grills vs Traeger grills. These types of grills are powered by hardwood pellets and work better than a standard outdoor oven, gas, or charcoal grill. It uses ignited wood pellets and fans to heat food at a temperature suited for cooking. They can be used for multiple purposes to grill, braise, bake, and smoke food.

Rec-Tec is an outdoor grill manufacturing company that was started by Cundy and Ray Carnes in the year 2009. The key feature of their grills is that the cookers provide a more consistent cooking temperature with increased airflow when compared to traditional charcoal or gas grills. The company recently dropped the original name Rec-Tec and innovated the name to recteq. The ‘Q’ alphabet represents the supreme quality of the grills.

rec tec grills vs traeger

The Traeger brand’s original wood-fired grill was invented 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon. They have perfected their craft of wood-fired cooking. It ensures delicious wood-flavored food every time you cook on a Traeger grill. The hardwood pellets used for the fuel add incredible flavor. Traeger creates flavorful moments that you will never forget. The Traeger pro 575 smart wood pellet grills are wifi enabled so that you can control your grilling.

Rec tec wood pellet grills vs Traeger

Rec tec grills vs Traeger grills are available in a wide variety so that the customers can find the perfect grill that meets all their requirements. Traeger pellet grills include the pro series, ironwood series, timberline series, portable grills, pro series (gen 1), and grill bundles. The rec tec grills have a smaller range with rec tec rt-1250, rt-700, rt-590, rt-340, rt-2500, rt-B380, rt-G40, rt-CMG beast, and rt-tmg chuckwagon.

Rec tec grills compared to Traeger

When comparing rec tec grills vs traeger, Rec tec helps you to set an ideal temperature, and you are ready to cook in your meals with absolute ease and without any trouble monitoring fires. The rec tec uses an appropriate amount of wood for better control which supports maintaining accurate temperature, which can be rapid or can be slowed according to the need. It facilitates cooking and grilling with precision, confidence, and consistency.

Rec tec 700 vs Traeger

Rec tec 700, when compared to Traeger timberline, is a smaller grill that is fit for a tight budget. A detailed comparison between the rec tec rt-700 and the Traeger grill is mentioned below.

Rec tec 590 vs Traeger

The Rec Tec 590 pellet grill has 592 inches of total cooking area. It is a perfect pellet grill for a medium-sized family. It is affordable and worth the price. It provides competent and optimal grilling for a reasonable price. The stainless steel is designed to last for a lifetime. It is highly durable and can last for decades. The components also feature strong stainless steel hardware.

The Traeger 850 pellet grill has a total of 869 square inches of spacious cooking area. It has 3 tiers of stainless steel grates with fully insulated construction. The wiFIRE technology turns heads and gives the cook full control of the grill. Even if you are outside your house, you can prep your grill with a tap on your smartphone.

Rec tec rt-700 vs traeger timberline

rec tec grills vs traeger

The Traeger Timberline grill pushes the limits of grilling with the latest grilling technology. The Traeger Timberline is available in 2 sizes, timberline 850 and timberline 1300. It has a total cooking space of 850 square inches with a pellet hopper capacity of 24 lbs. The maximum temperature of the grill is 500 Fahrenheit. The only difference between the timberline 850 and timberline 1300 is that the numbers in the name represent the square inches of cooking capacity. It has a 3-year warranty too.

The rec tec rt 700 wood pellet grill meets the gold standard of grills. The rec tec 700 grill focuses on flavor, versatility, and convenience. It is built with a smart grill technology controller, wifi technology, automatic lighting feature, automatic shutdown feature, dual meat probes, LO setting, and FULL setting. The stainless steel ensures the grill’s seamless yet strong build and design. It has 702 square inches of cooking area, enough for grilling multiple turkeys.

Rec tec smoker vs traeger

From the rec tec grills vs traeger comparisons above, you can understand the key features of the brands and their products. If you want to choose from these two brands, you can choose the rec tec grills if you have a tight budget for the long-lasting and highest quality grill.


1. Where are rec tec pellet grills made?

Rec Tec grills were manufactured in Columbia county. In 2020, the company moved to Evans Manufacturing Inc. in garden grove, California, US.

2. Is rec tec better than traeger?

When comparing rec tec grills vs traeger, rec tec provides the convenience of filling the hopper with pellets and letting the grill do all the work. The blower fan is efficient and creates convection in the grill that, in the long run, saves your hard-earned money. The versatility of the grills supports the grill to smoke, roast, bake, or sear on the pellet grill. All kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meats can be cooked on the pellet grills. Consistency in the rec tec grills is ensured because it utilizes a PID controller that provides a constant precise temperature. So if you need laser-focused precision at an affordable price, you can choose rec tec from rec tec grills vs Traeger.

3. Which grill is better, rec tec or Traeger?

If you are looking forward to a pellet grill with the latest innovative features, you can choose the Traeger pro 575 smart wood pellet grill. It has an option for wifi enabling, which helps you monitor your grilling. In addition to the wifi, You can cook up to 36 burgers at a time. This proves that this pellet grill is perfect for showing off at a big grilling party with your friends and family.