Pit Boss 440D2 Pellet Grill Review: A Comprehensive Guide

This pit boss 440d2 review shows the model’s grilling and smoking features. Not only these two, but you can also sear your favorite kind of meat in the grill, and the pit boss 440d2 review lets you know everything it offers.

Pit Boss 440d2 Review


Brand: Pit Boss

• Power source: wood pellet

• Model name: PB440D2

• Outer material: steel, stainless

• Colour: black


The product has a super-attractive exterior and an excellent heat control feature. Heat must be evenly distributed throughout the grill to cook the food properly. You can check the distribution by moving your hand over the grill after turning it on.

This PB440D2 model is one of the top-rated models in the company. The unique convection cooking method sets it apart from the other pellet grills of Pit Boss. It does not have a rotisserie; hence it increases the grill’s versatility, and you can braise, bake, roast, or smoke in it.

The design is perfectly durable and adorned with a nice black and two-tone copper finish. The exterior part is also as beautiful as the interior portion. There is a porcelain coating on the outside, and the cooking grid has a solid steel build. The rack cooking is also done for easy cleaning, aesthetics, and durability.

The total grill area in this product is 456 square inches, with a warming rack of 124 square inches, and the primary area of grilling is 341 square inches. It will help you host many people where you can make food easier for everyone. The tool hooks, side shelf, and bottom shelf combined make the process of cooking a lot more comfortable.


The biggest competitor of this grill is the Traeger grills in the market. Many products, including this particular model from both brands, work as both a slow-and-low smoker and a grill with up to 500 degrees of temperature. The controllers are digital, providing a more accurate temperature setting.

Pit boss consists of different wood pellets that subtly flavor your food. This model holds more reputation for being cheaper than the Traeger pellets. The size range of cooking space is definitely wide in Traeger grills, but this PB model is also quite popular among users for its small size.

The warranty period for the PB grill is five years, and the price is also lower. The company will fix the problem immediately if the device starts malfunctioning within this period.


As mentioned earlier, the grill is resistant to both rust and corrosion. The hopper clean-out system is also beneficial for making the cleaning easier after use. You can also get a drip tray; the thermometer is made of stainless steel.


• Offers both indirect and direct heat

• Easy to use

• Large cooking area

• Smoothly portable

• Tool hooks, bottle opener, and removable shelves

• Prepares delicious wood-gourmet food

• Easy digital temperature control

• Solid premium-gauge construction of stainless steel


• Hopper capacity is small

• Must be handled with extra care

What’s new?

The grill uses barbecue pellets made of wood which are one-hundred percent natural. Customers will not need to use propane, charcoal, or any other gas to fire it but only turn on a dial.

The grates are super-durable, too, and the meat can be given a fine sear with them. Porcelain coating increases its longevity, and the grates retain the heat well. You only need to remove the food residues by wiping them with a wet cloth.

Another top feature is the digital board control system that has LED readouts. It allows users to obtain a variable or constant temperature that suits the type of food they want to cook. Also, the removable upper cooking rack provides a good experience for grilling. You only need to lift the rack off once when it is time to take the meat off the grill.

The freestanding design of the grill does not need any additional support, and it makes using the grill easier. Place it anywhere on your balcony, yard, or patio, and cook anything you like.

Why you should buy it?

This new model has an automatic shut-off feature which is safe for usage. When there is nothing to grill on it, the device turns it off. Also, the PB440D2 comes with an average of 98 pounds, making it easier to port it from one place to another. Most parts of it can be removed, making it easy to move it wherever you need to set it. In addition, there are two rugged wheels which also help in transportation.

You can entertain many people at a barbecue party and feed them conveniently with the pit boss 440d2. The area is much large for a pellet grill that is portable as compared to the other models.

It is a rare gem and is the most sought-after model in the company. This grill is perfect for you if you are a cook specializing in cooking or a chef who loves to cook food with a smoky flavor. You can look out for tons of reviews available for the product and only buy it after you find it fully satisfactory and compatible with your needs.