Where Are Traeger Grills Made?

Traeger offers a wide range of options for its consumers. Choosing the perfect fit according to your requirement might get confusing and hectic.

The four main lineups of the Traeger Pellet Grill are listed below. It even had the answer for where Traeger grills are made. Where are Traeger grills made?

  • Traeger Pro series – Traeger Pro series is the most popular midi-range pellet grill of the Traeger. It includes WiFIRE to connect to the Traeger app since 2019. The Traeger Pro comes in two sizes that are – 575 square inches and 780 square inches. It has new features like DOWN DRAFT and TRU convection. These new technologies optimize the cooling time. The temperature of the Ironwood series is controlled by the drive controller. The temperature ranges between 180°- 450°. The RTD probe installation helps in measuring temperature and maintaining it evenly. The D2 drive helps to start the cooking quickly because of the turbo temperature fast startup. 
  • Traeger Ironwood series – The Ironwood series is the latest addition to the Traeger lineup of wood pellet grills. It is available in the cooking dimension of 650 square inches and 885 square inches. The best part about the Ironwood series is the option for searing. The bottom cooking can either be raised for smoking and grilling or lowered for searing. Additionally, the ironwood uses 300 for stainless steel on the double side for better insulation and control of temperature. Ironwood qualifies as the best griller between the basic pro series and the timberline. 

Where are Traeger ironwood grills made?

where are traeger grills made

Traeger Grills changed their manufacturing unit from the United States to China after the company was sold in 2006 for $12.4 million. Since then, all the products of Traeger grills have been produced in China.

  • Traeger Timberline Series – It qualifies as Traeger pellet grills’ most expensive and luxurious product line. It is available in 2 cooking dimensions that are 850 square inches and 1300 square inches. It has the largest size of the hopper. The hopper capacity is 24 pounds in both models. This hopper capacity gives you the best experience without attending to the fire.

Besides the main grilling area, which is 554 square inches, it has a secondary grilling area of 748 square inches. The Timberline series weighs around 238 lbs, whereas the Ironwood weighs around 148 lbs. It has a similar DownDraft exhaust and the TRU temperature convention feature found in the Ironwood. 

Trager Pellet Wood Grills

The first-ever Traeger grill was developed in the year 1985. Further, Traeger patented its first-ever grill in the year 1986. The full-fledged production of pellet grills began in 1988.

Traeger was very popular back then because it borrowed the traditional design and offered a barrel body with a chimney. The grills had a side-mounted firebox back in the day. The exterior resembled charcoal and wood smokers

The Trager Grills has the basic features of any grill. It has an auger that controls and rotates the hopper. The general capacity of the hopper determines the frequency of refueling. These days the Trager models have a humongous capacity of 24 pounds.

Further, the wood pellets are poured into the firepot, an ignited hot rod. Pellet grills have grease trays to collect fat drippings from the food to avoid any mess and control the heat by avoiding flare-ups.

Traeger was the chief producer of pellet grills for twenty long years. It dominated the grill industry. But, when the patent expired in 2006, several companies started, giving tough competition to Traeger. At that time, everyone wanted to know are Traeger grills made in the USA. 

The question was raised when the owner of Traeger, Joe Traeger, sold the company. Since 2006, the international manufacturing unit has shifted from the United States to China. Are Traeger grills made in the united states? None of the Traeger products is manufactured in the USA. 


1. Are all Traeger grills made in china? 

Yes, all the trager grills are now manufactured in China. The Traeger grills are made in China to cut down the overhead cost. 

2. Where are Traeger grills manufactured? 

Traeger Grills changed their manufacturing unit from the United States to China after the company was sold in 2006.

3. Are Traeger grills made in the USA? 

No, Traeger grills are not made in the USA anymore. Now they are made in China to cut down the overhead cost. 

4. Are Traeger grills made in china? 

The Traeger grills are now made in China. The switch in the international manufacturing unit was made in 2006.